Sustainable Agriculture

The System of Crop Intensification: Agroecological Innovations for Improving Agricultural Production, Food Security, and Resilience to Climate Change

  There is growing consensus that to meet global food-security requirements, agricultural sectors will need to pursue appropriate strategies for sustainable intensification of production. This volume reports on current ‘work in progress’ to achieve this via an approach known as...
Binju Abraham
O. O. AdeOluwa
Hailu Araya
Tareke Berhe,
Yogesh Bhatt
Sue Edwards
Biksham Gujja
Ram Bahadur Khadka
Y.S. Koma
Debashish Sen
Asif Sharif
Erika Styger
Norman Uphof
Anil Verma

Closing the Gap - Integrated Water Management for Agriculture

  Contents:  Water Availability and Access Public Policy and Investment  Water and Society  Knowledge Support Systems 

How can I Manage Pests and Diseases Naturally?

  Farmers consider organisms which reduce their crop yields as pests and diseases. Insects, birds or other animals are considered as pests, whenever they cause damage to crops or to stored produce. Fungi, bacteria and viruses are recognized as diseases, when they interrupt or modify the vital...
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

How do I Best Manage the Fertility of My Soil

  What do I need to know about soils? Soil can be living or dead. Living soil continuously requires enough air, water and soil organic matter in order to provide a good growing environment for plants and soil organisms. By providing these, even dead soil can manage to live again. You can tell...
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

Agricultural Water Management for Coastal Plain Soils

  North Carolina has historically been blessed with an adequate source of good quality water to supply all of its water demands for industry, agriculture and domestic and recreational users. However, if consumption continues to increase at its present rate, water shortages will become...
Robert Evans
Wayne Skaggs
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Producción Orgánica y Capacidad Antioxidante de Frutos de Pepino

  Existe una creciente inquietud de la opinión pública sobre los efectos negativos de las actividades agrí- colas en el medio ambiente. Esto, ha provocado que se busque gestionar la producción de cultivos de una manera más sustentable, especialmente en el...
H.A. Díaz-Méndez
P. Preciado-Rangel
V.P. Álvarez-Reyna
M. Fortis-Hernández
J.L. García-Hernández
Información Técnica Económica Agraria

Sustainable Food Production Practices in the Caribbean

  Contents: 1. The role of small producers, family farms and women farmers in sustainable food production and food security 2. Youth: Adding value to agriculture in the Caribbean 3. Small animal production systems: Rabbits and ducks 4. Rain shelters and net-houses for vegetable production 5....
Wayne G. Ganpat
Wendy-Ann P. Isaac
Ian Randle Publishers

Evaluación de dos Sistemas de Control de Plagas en Tomate: IPM (Manejo Integrado de Plagas) vs Control Químico (bajo UNE 155001) bajo Plástico Convencional y Antiplagas

  El sistema hortícola almeriense ha experimentado un enorme desarrollo, y se plantea nuevos objetivos que permitan ayudar a solventar la problemática actual a nivel de plagas y enfermedades, siendo uno de los principales prioridades optimizar el empelo de fitosanitarios para...
Juan Carlos Gázquez Garrido
Juan Carlos López Hernández
Manuel Ángel Gómez Romero
María Jose Ort
Cajamar Caja Rural

Impacts of Synthetic and Botanical Pesticides on Beneficial Insects

  Sustainable methods to control insect pests that affect crop yield have become a great challenge to mainly smallholder farmers. Beneficial insects in agricultural fields play an important role in natural pest control and pollination. The use of synthetic and botanical pesticides has...
Baltazar Ndakidemi
Kelvin Mtei
Patrick A. Ndakidemi
Scientific Research Publishing

Biological Control of Erosion of Banana Drains in Côte D’ivoire

  The erosion of drains is a major limitation of the quality, the increasing of banana production and the environmental protection of industrial banana in Côte d'Ivoire. It leads inundations, death of banana trees and significant loss of production. Thence, the construction and the...
Kouadio Y. Prosper
Boraud N’Takpé Kama Maxime
Tiébré Marie-Solange
Djakalia Ouattara
Edouard Kouakou N’guessan
Scientific Research Publishing