Sustainable Agriculture

Uso de Biofiltros para mejorar la calidad del agua de riego

    El estudio y control de la contaminación difusa de las aguas de riego constituye uno de los grandes desafíos ambientales de Chile. Este problema emerge principalmente como una consecuencia de actividades rurales, agrícolas y silvícolas. Puede definirse como...
Sergio González
Jorge Jerez
Jaime Mejías
María Stella Moyano
José María Peralta
Francisco Tapia
Abelardo Villavicencio
INIA Chile

Controlling Soil Erosion From Wind

Blowing soil can be an unpleasant nuisance, a serious safety hazard, or a costly disaster depending on one’s perspective and the intensity and duration of the windstorm. The public response to blowing soil has led to such legislation as the Colorado Dust Blowing Law and provisions of the...
T.A. James
R. L. Croissant
G. Peterson
Colorado State University Extension

Guía Técnica de Buenas Prácicas - Recursos Naturales

    Guía completa para la aplicación de las Buenas Prácticas de los Recursos Naturales en el contexto de la agricultura. La guía abarca todos los aspectos técnicos con minucioso detalle. Esta publicación sobre buenas prácticas de manejo y...
Comisión Nacional de Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas, Chile
Comisión Nacional de Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas, Chile

A Sustainable Upland Farming System for Indonesia

This paper discusses the agricultural development of slopelands in Indonesia. Food production in such areas tends to be a high-input, high-risk activity. Current research is focussing on integrated farming systems based on tree crops and livestock, with only enough food production to meet local...
J. Sri Adiningsih
A. Syarifuddin Karama
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Precision Farming Approaches to Small-Farm Agriculture

Precision farming implies a management strategy to increase productivity and economic returns with a reduced impact on the environment. It is based on the application of information technology to a description of variability in the field, variable-rate operations and the decision-making system....
Sakae Shibusawa
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center