Sustainable Agriculture

The Need for Herbicide Use in Direct Seeding, Promotes More Sustainable and Implementation of Integrated Systems

          Technological advances the Argentine has been in recent years such that now stands at the forefront worldwide. The explosion of agriculture, tillage, GM crops and the widespread use of glyphosate have raised controversy, especially regarding the toxicity of the...
Luna V
Masciarelli O
Travaglia C
Marchetti G
Lucero M
Reinoso H
Advances in Crop Science and Technology

Use of Vegetable Oils as Biopesticide in Grain Protection- A Review

             Cereals and pulses have great biological and nutritional value in human diet. The losses during growing crops and post harvest handling, processing, storage and distributions systems vary between 20-60%. Three major groups of storage enemies are:...
Anurag Singh
Ashish Khare
Amit P. Singh
Journal of Fertilizers & Pesticides

Detoxification of Olive-mill Solid Waste and its Probable Application as Organic Fertilizer

  Despite the phytotoxicity of olive-mill solid waste (OMSW) due to its high polyphenols content, OMSW have fertilizer characteristics, which make it a potential source for organic fertilization. Composting of OMSW treatment process was conducted in this study to eliminate the phytotoxicity...
Salama M El-Darier
Hoda A Ahmed
Mohamed S Abd El Razik
Eman Salah Allam M
Journal of Fertilizers & Pesticides

Effect of Mulching Materials on Growth and Yield Attributes and Enhancing Farm Income Through Ginger Cultivation Under Rainfed Rice Based Production System

Trials were conducted for two consecutive years during 2001-03 in farmers’ field in the Kymore plateau region (Jabalpur) of Madhya Pradesh to evaluate five treatments consisting of mulching with paddy straw, palas leaves, dry grass, polyethylene sheet and control (without mulch) in randomized...
Satendra Singh Kushwah
YC Dwivedi
PK Jain
Vegetable Science

Manejo integrado de suelos para una agricultura resiliente al cambio climático

  Cuatro quintas partes de los alimentos necesarios para más de nueve mil millones de personas en el 2050 provendrán de las tierras existentes a través de la intensificación de la producción agrícola y se prevé que un gran porcentaje de esta...
Karen Montiel
Muhammad Ibrahim

Assessing the Impacts of Some Sustainable Agricultural Practices for Yield Improvement on Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

  Three N rates; 150, 200 and 250 kg fed-1, two in-row spacing's 1 of 20 and 30 cm and three planting dates starting from January 15 with two weeks interval were investigated in two field experiments under El-Fayoum conditions which is not potato production district in Egypt. Results...
M.A. Barakat
N.A. Elswah
M.S. Tolba
W.M. Semida
A.M. Mahmoud
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants

Fertilizing Young Navel Orange Trees with Sulfur and Wood Ash as a Source of Sustainable Agriculture

  This study was carried out during two successive seasons 2012 and 2013 to investigate the effect of sulfur & wood ash and their combination on soil pH & EC, vegetative growth and leaf mineral content of the four year old Navel orange trees budded on sour orange rootstock grown...
H.F. El-Wakeel
Noha Mansour
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants

Actividad biológica en suelos con diferentes prácticas agricolas bajo riego

  Desde el punto de vista biológico, el suelo alberga una gran cantidad y diversidad de microorganismos. Estos microorganismos, principales responsables de la actividad biológica del suelo, son influenciados por la calidad y cantidad de material vegetal aportado al mismo y por...
M.M. Perez
M.L. Masseroni
P.D. Sartor
L. Merini
Asociación Argentina Ciencia del Suelo AACS

Soil suitability index identifies potential areas for groundwater banking on agricultural lands

  Groundwater pumping chronically exceeds natural recharge in many agricultural regions in California. A common method of recharging groundwater — when surface water is available — is to deliberately flood an open area, allowing water to percolate into an aquifer. However, open...
A.T. O'Geen
M. B.B. Saal
H. E. Dahlke
D. A. Doll
R. B. Elkins
A. Fulton
G. E. Fogg
T. Harter
J. W. Hopmans
C. Ingels
F. J. Niederholzer
S. Sandoval Solis
P. S. Verdegaal
M. Walkinshaw
California Agriculture

Respuesta de un cultivo de ajo regado con efluentes urbanos tratados, aplicación de biosólidos y fertilización líquida

A partir del tratamiento de aguas residuales urbanas se obtienen efluentes y biosólidos potencialmente utilizables como fuente de agua para riego y nutrientes. Un cultivo de ajo blanco se realizó en Río Cuarto (Córdoba), regado por goteo utilizando efluentes urbanos e...
L. Grosso
F. Salusso
D. Ramos
R. Crespi
M. Pugliese
Asociación Argentina de Horticultura ASAHO