Sustainable Agriculture

Best Management Practices for Wood Ash as Agricultural Soil Amendment

Wood was burned in the United States in the 1700s through the early 1900s to produce ash for chemical extraction. The ash was used mainly to produce potash for fertilizer and alkali for industry. As other potash production technologies became more economical, the value of wood ash as a raw...
Mark Risse
University of Georgia

Obras de conservación de suelos y agua en laderas

En esta publicación El Proyecto Red SICTA, del IICA/Cooperación Suiza, hace un esfuerzo por rescatar diversas alternativas de Conservación de Suelos y Agua (CSA), tomando en cuenta que las laderas son ambientes heterogéneos. Desde el punto de vista técnico-cient...
Proyecto Red SICTA del IICA/Cooperación Suiza en América Central
Proyecto Red SICTA del IICA/Cooperación Suiza en América Central

Composting of wine industry wastes and their use as a substrate for growing soilless ornamental plants

To study the process of composting of grape marc and test the resulting compost as a substrate for the cultivation of ornamental plants, six composting processes, with mixtures of dealcoholised grapevine marc and grape stalk (DM+GS) in a 1:1 ratio (v:v), were carried out in Seville (Spain) between...
E. Carmona
M. T. Moreno
M. Avilés
J. Ordovás
Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research

Installation of a Low Cost Polyethylene Biodigester

A Biodigester refers to a technology that permits the decomposition of organic materials, mainly manure, for the production of methane gas (biogas) that can be used for cooking, lighting and as fuel for the operation of some generators and combustion engines. A biodigester is normally made out of...
Maximiliano Ortega

Growth and Yield Response of Okra Intercropped with Live Mulches

    The objective of the study was to compare the yield of okra grown under different weed management strategies. Field experiments were carried out in 2007 and 2008 cropping season at National Horticultural Research Institute, Ibadan, Nigeria. The experimental design was a split plot...
H.A. Akintoye
A.G. Adebayo
O.O. Aina
Asian Journal of Agricultural Research

Managing Litter Re-use for Minimal Nutrient Run-off to Surface Water

The chicken meat industry currently produces over 1.5 million cubic metres of spent litter each year that is predominantly used by other agricultural industries as a fertiliser source that is rich in plant essential nutrients—especially phosphorus and nitrogen. The use of spent litter is...
Jarl Devereux
RIRDC Australia

Making Compost Tea

Compost tea is a water-based liquid preparation. It is made by infusing aerated nutrient water with compost to extract and grow beneficial microbes. Compost tea can be applied as a plant or soil spray, or used as a soil drench. It is known to increase plant vitality and inoculates the soil with a...
Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Poteau, Oklahoma

Green manure/cover crops and crop rotation in Conservation Agriculture on small farms

The objective of this publication is to offer a reference material for extensionists, professors, agronomy students, technicians in general, and for farmers themselves. Through information that is up-to-date and richly illustrated, it strives to facilitate the adoption and diffusion of No-Tillage...
Miguel Angel Florentín
Marcos Peñalva
Ademir Calegari
Rolf Derpsch

Módulo de agricultura orgánica y sostenible

Este módulo constituye una pequeña síntesis de los principales pasos que hay que dar para hacer el cambio de una agricultura “Convencional” enmarcada en los principios de la “Revolución Verde”, hacia una agricultura más “limpia...
Francisco Guerrero
Julio Cuello Bolaño
Manuel Pinto Z.
Corporación Colombiana de Investigación Agropecuaria Corpoica

Manejo productivo agropecuario en condiciones de escasez de lluvias

  Medidas para enfrentar la escasez de agua en la agricultura de riego. 1. Medidas de corto plazo: Restriccion de la entrega de agua a nivel de embalse, canal y predio, limpieza y reparacion de canales y acumuladores de agua del predio, reduccion de las tasas de agua aplicadas a nivel de...
Leoncio Martinez B.
Alfonso Osorio U.
Leonardo Rojas P.
Antonio Ibacache G.
Raul Meneses R.
INIA Chile