Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Nitrogen Management in Intensive Vegetable Production

This Bulletin discusses how to improve nitrogen fertilizer efficiency in vegetable production. It deals, not only with efficient fertilizer applications, but how to make effective use of the residual nitrogen lef behind in the soil and crop residues after harvest. The problem of leaching and...
Jacques J. Neeteson
Andrew P. Whitmore
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Separation of domestic wastes for composting and compost evaluation in cucumber production

  The management of domestic wastes is not merely an issue of home technology, but of strategies, education and social awareness; it requires the participation of authorities, businessmen and civil society. The objective of this study was under these premises, with emphasis on the...
Gilberto Iñiguez-Covarrubias
F. María Iñiguez-Franco
G. Alberto Martínez-Gutiérrez
J. Ryckeboer

Separación de residuos domiciliarios para la preparación de compost y su análisis en la producción de pepinos

  El manejo de los desechos domiciliarios no es cuestión meramente tecnológica, sino de estrategias, educación y concienciación social; requiere la participación de autoridades, empresarios y la sociedad civil. El objetivo del presente estudio fue bajo esas...
Gilberto Iñiguez-Covarrubias
F. María Iñiguez-Franco
G. Alberto Martínez-Gutiérrez
J. Ryckeboer

Modelo integral de producción de bioetanol, biogás y biofertilizantes a partir de los desechos del beneficiado del café

  Con base en las premisas anteriores, los co-ejecutores del componente 4b del Programa Regional de Medio Ambiente en Centro América (PREMACA) se propusieron impulsar el diseño y validación de un prototipo para la producción de bioetanol, biogás y...
Rubén Mauricio Gallozzi
Evelyn Hernández
Bella Sosa
Carol Elvir
Orlando Valladares
Rosarito Mosqueira

Overcoming compaction limitations on cabbage growth and yield in the transition to reduced tillage

  Vegetable producers are increasingly interested in adopting conservation tillage practices to maintain or enhance productivity and soil health, but reducing tillage may reduce yields in cool climates. Strategies to transition from full-width tillage to zone tillage systems for cabbage (...
M.J. Mochizuki
A. Rangarajan
R.R. Bellinder
T. Björkman
H. M. van Es

Sustainable Land Management in Tropical Tree-Crop Ecosystems

  Soil erosion is a major process of land degradation. Effective soil erosion management is therefore a vital part of the quest for sustainable agricultural production. In tree-crop ecosystems in the humid tropics, the processes of soil erosion operating under the tree canopy are associated...
Ghulam M. Hashim
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Soil and Nutrient Conservation Oriented Practices in the Philippines

The paper discusses several upland farming systems in the Philippines which are based on nutrient recycling and soil conservation. Some are traditional practices developed by farmers themselves, while others have been introduced in modern development programs. Their impact on soil and water loss...
Reynaldo A. Comia
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Crop Rotation

  Crop rotation is the predetermined sequence of crops that one grows on a certain field. An example is growing corn in Year 1, soybean in Year 2, wheat and alfalfa in Year 3, alfalfa in Years 4 and 5, and then back to corn. Typically, producers use cropping systems on their farms that include...
Kristine Moncada
Craig Sheaffer
University of Minnesota

Biopreparados para el manejo sostenible de plagas y enfermedades en la agricultura urbana y periurbana

  La Guía “Biopreparados para el manejo sostenible de plagas y enfermedades en la agricultura urbana y periurbana” se centra en el uso de una gran diversidad de bioestimulantes / enraizadores, biofungicidas, bioinsecticidas, biorepelentes / biofertilizantes elaborados con...
Raúl Terrile
Juan Izquierdo
Tania Santivañez

Saline Soils

  The Agrobrief 6 ‘Saline Soils’ deals with the causes and the prevention of saline soils. It describes the salt tolerance of different crops and gives strategies for controlling the salinity in irrigated lands. The Agrobrief is accompanied by a list of literature sources and...
Helena Posthumus