Weed Control - Chemical, Mechanical, Herbicides

Basagran T/O (bentazon)

  Postemergence control of seedling broadleaf weeds, yellow nutsedge and annual sedges in warm- and cool-season turf, nonbearing fruit or nut trees, and selected field-grown ornamental trees, shrubs, and groundcovers. Annual sedges, mallow, purslane, smartweed, velvetleaf, wild buckwheat, wild...
Joe Neal
NC Coorporative Extension

Conocimiento tradicional sobre el manejo integrado de pestes y malezas en el cutivo del chayote (Sechium edule (Jacq.) Sw.) en localidades de Chiapas, México

  La investigación se llevó a cabo en los municipios de Villaflores y Villa Corzo en el estado de Chiapas, a través de un enfoque etno-agronómico, se diseñaron y aplicaron entrevistas semiestructuradas a productores de chayote seleccionados por rutas...
Luis Alfredo RodrÌguez-Larramendi
Francisco Guevara-Hernández
Rady Alejandra-Campos Saldaña
Miguel Ángel Salas-Marina
Julio César Gómez-Castañeda
MarÌa de los Ángeles Fonseca-Flores
Leonardo Valle-Ruíz
José Basterrechea-Bermejo
Acta Agronómica

Adjustment of Weed Hoeing to Narrowly Spaced Cereals

  Weed hoeing can be successfully performed in wide row crops, such as sugar beet, maize, soybean and wide spaced cereals. However, little experience is available for hoeing in narrow cereal row spaces below 200 mm. Yet, mechanical weed control can pose an alternative to herbicide applications...
Jannis Machleb
Benjamin L. Kollenda
Gerassimos G. Peteinatos
Roland Gerhards

Weed Management in Cranberries: A Historical Perspective and a Look to the Future

  Integrated weed management (IWM) has been part of cranberry cultivation since its inception in the early 19th century. Proper site and cultivar selection, good drainage, rapid vine establishment, and hand weeding are as important now for successful weed management as when the industry first...
Hilary A. Sandler

Weed Management in Blackberry

  Weeds compete with blackberry plants for light, nutrients, and water. Weed interference can be minimized with proper cultural practices and herbicides. General maintenance such as controlling weeds in adjacent areas (i.e., nearby fields, ditches, and driving paths), preventing weeds...
Peter J. Dittmar
Jeffrey G. Williamson
IFAS Extension, University of Florida

Growing Pears in Virginia

  Pear is the second most important deciduous tree fruit after apple, and it has been grown in Europe since prehistoric times. Pears belong to the genus Pyrus and probably originated near the Black and Caspian Seas. French and English colonists brought pears to America and the first record of...
Richard Marini
Virginia Cooperative Extension

North Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook: Organic Gardening

  Table of Contents: Objectives Introduction History Principles of Organic Gardening Soil Management and Fertility Organic and Inorganic (Mineral) Soil Amendments Fertility Management Weeds as Indicators of Soil Condition Cover Crops and Green Manures Pest Management Weed Management...
Aimee Colf
Lucy Bradley
Frank Louws
David Orr
North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Producing Tree Fruit for Home Use

  Growing tree fruit in the home garden or yard can be a rewarding pastime. However, careful planning, preparation, and care of the trees are essential for success. This publication tells you what to consider before planting, how to plant your trees, and how to take care of them to ensure many...
Michael Parker
North Carolina Cooperative Extension

North Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook: Plants Grown in Containers

  Table of Contents:  Objectives Introduction Start with High-Quality Plants Transporting Plants Selecting a Container Material Weight Color Drainage Size Potting Mixes, Substrates, or Growing Media Qualties of Good Growing Media Potting Plants Repotting Nutrient Management​...
Diane Mays
Kim Richter
Lucy Bradley
Julie Sherk
Mark Kistler
Joe Neal
North Carolina Cooperative Extension

North Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook: Small Fruits

  Table of Contents: Objectives Introduction Strawberries Blackberries and Raspberries (Brambles or Caneberries) Blueberries Grapes Kiwis Case Study—Think IPM: Berry Problems Frequently Asked Questions Further Reading Chapter Text Hyperlinks For More Information NC State and NC...
Gina Fernandez
Bill Cline
Bill Cline
Hannah Burrack
North Carolina Cooperative Extension