Weed Control - Chemical, Mechanical, Herbicides

Weed Control Options For Strawberries On Plastic

Growing strawberries as an annual crop on black plastic requires a different weed management strategy than the perennial matted row strawberries. When black plastic is combined with fumigation by methyl bromide, excellent control of most weeds in the row can be expected. However, weeds that have...
Katherine M. Jennings
David W. Monks
Wayne E. Mitchem
NC State University

Cole Crop Production in Florida

Production manual for crucifers including broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kale, mustard, and turnip. Topics addressed: Varieties Seeding and planting Fertilizer and lime Irrigation Weed management Disease management Insect management Production cost
S.M. Olson
P.J. Dittmar
G.E. Vallad
S.E. Webb
S.A. Smith
University of Florida, IFAS Extension

Vegetable Growers' Handbook Chapter VIII: Weed Management

Economic losses due to weeds are encountered nearly everywhere weeds occur. To better appreciate the losses due to weeds, consider the following results of weed infestation: Lower Yields, Less Efficient Use of Land Yields frequently are reduced by weeds competing with vegetables and other...
Lynn Brandenberger
Frank J. Daniello
Texas AgriLife Extension Service

Guidelines for management of common ragweed, Ambrosia artemisiifolia

  The objective of “Guidelines for management of Ambrosia” is to provide European authorities, private landowners, gardeners, constructors, birdseed producers, trade companies dealing with agricultural products with scientifically based, but simple and operative practical...
Rita Merete Buttenschøn
Christian Bohren
Euphresco project Ambrosia

Vegetable Production Handbook for Florida

This is an excellent manual with practical information for vegetable growers. Includes the following topics: Soil and Fertilizer Management for Vegetable Production in Florida Principles and Practices for Irrigation Management Nematodes and Their Management Weed Management...
Daniel A. Botts
Peter J. Dittmar
Michael D. Dukes
Mary L. Lamberts
Andrew W. MacRae
Eugene McAvoy
Joseph W. Noling
Stephen M. Olson
Monica Ozores-Hampton
Natalia Peres
James F. Price
Richard N. Raid
Pam D. Roberts
Bielinski M. Santos
Eric H. Simonne
Scott A. Smith
Crystal A. Snodgrass
David D. Sui
Gary E. Vallad
Susan E. Webb
Alicia J. Whidden
Vance M. Whitaker
Shouan Zhang
Lincoln Zotarelli
Citrus & Vegetable Magazine

Integrated Pest Management Concepts for Weeds in Organic Farming Systems

    The authors address barriers to adoption of IWM, including farmer perception of higher risk, insufficient research verifying reduced costs and risks under good IWM, and lack of government and industry support for this approach. They recommend research and development of decision...
Mark Schonbeck

Midwest Tree Fruit Spray Guide 2010

This guide includes handling pesticides, safety tips, spray volume and rate calculations, calibrations, dilute spraying, low-volume spraying, spray adjuvants among other topics. Also includes spray schedule for apple, pear, cherry, peach, and plum. Efficacy of selected insecticides, acaricides, and...
Midwest Fruit Workers Group
Midwest Fruit Workers Group

Weed Management in Strawberries

The strawberry plant is shallow rooted and is a poor competitor against weeds for sunlight (for growth and fl ower buds), nutrients, and moisture. Weeds can reduce yields up to 40% or more. Harvesting fruit by hand presents a challenge when weeds are present. Where customers pick their own berries...
Ohio State University Extension
Ohio State University Extension

Weed Control in Fruit Crops

Weed control guide for fruit crops. Includes description and use of herbicides for fruit crops and different application techniques. The guide is organized by fruit crop. Ground cover management affects both fruit tree vigor and yield. Use a ground cover system that facilitates management of the...
Bernard Zandstra
Michigan State University Extension

Integrated Management of Paddy Weeds in Korea, with an Emphasis on Allelopathy

Annual weeds such as Echinochloa crus-galli and Monochoria vaginalis, and perennials such as Sagittaria trifolia, Sagittaria pygmaea, Eleocharis kuroguwai, Cyperus serotinus and Potamogeton distinctus, have been the most important weed species in paddy fields in Korea during the past two decades....
Kil Ung Kim
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center