Weed Control - Chemical, Mechanical, Herbicides

The Impact of Water Quality on Pesticide Performance

Effective pesticide applications require attention to factors that influence product performance: product selection, label instructions, equipment calibration, and application timing. Applicators also learn about product performance from trial and error and from industry and university...
Fred Whitford
Donald Penner
Bill Johnson
Larry Bledsoe
Norm Wagoner
John Garr
Kiersten Wise
Purdue University

Cover Crops for Walnut Orchards

cover crop is a noncash crop grown in the middles between tree rows and, in some situations, between trees within rows. Cover crops can provide many benefits in orchards and vineyards and have seen increasing use in recent years. This new handbook outlines a step-by-step process for success...
J. Grant
K. Anderson
T. Prichard
Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California

Control de malezas con cobertura vegetal en el cultivo de la caraota negra (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Con la finalidad de evaluar el nivel de control de malezas con el uso de coberturas vegetales en el cultivo de la caraota (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) y determinar el efecto que sobre algunos componentes del rendimiento tienen estos métodos en comparación al control químico y...
Carlos Najul
Alvaro Anzalone
Bioagro, Universidad Centroccidental “Lisandro Alvarado”

UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines: Artichoke

These guidelines represent the best information currently available to the authors and are intended to help you in making the best choices for an IPM program. Not all formulations or registered materials are mentioned. Always check the label and with local authorities for the most up-to-date...
M. A. Bari
E. T. Natwick
S. T. Koike
R. F. Smith
S. A. Fennimore
University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines: Almond

These practices are recommended for a monitoring-based IPM program that enhances pest control and reduces environmental quality problems related to pesticide use. Water quality becomes impaired when pesticides and sediments move off-site and into water. Air quality becomes impaired when...
F. G. Zalom
C. Pickel
W. J. Bentley
D. R. Haviland
R. A. Van Steenwyk
W. D. Gubler
J. E. Adaskaveg
Roger Duncan
J. J. Stapleton
B. A. Holtz
M. V. McKenry
A. Shrestha
J. H. Connell
W. J. Bentley
J. E. Adaskaveg
J. H. Connell
Roger Duncan
Marshall Johnson
M. V. McKenry
A. Shrestha
F. G. Zalom
UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program

Equipment for weed control in vineyards

Herbicides, although relatively inexpensive, require good application techniques if improved deposition and drift reduction is to occur. Some of the commonly used herbicides damage vines and so great care must be taken. Drift has been a major concern for some years, off target application wastes...
Andrew Landers
Cornell University

UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines: Olive

Contents General Information Relative Toxicities of Insecticides and Miticides Used in Olives to Natural Enemies and Honey Bees Insects and Mites American Plum Borer Black Scale Branch and Twig Borer California Red Scale Greedy Scale and Latania Scale Oleander Scale...
F. G. Zalom
P. M. Vossen
R. A. Van Steenwyk
M. W. Johnson
L. Ferguson
M. V. McKenry
W. T. Lanini
W. H. Krueger
UC Davis

Herbicide Mode of Action

Herbicides are chemicals that inhibit or interrupt normal plant growth and development. They are widely used in agriculture, industry, and urban areas for weed management. Herbicides can provide cost-effective weed control while minimizing labor. However, improper herbicide use may result in crop...
Dallas E. Peterson
Douglas E. Shoup
Curtis R. Thompson
Brian L. Olson
Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service

2010 Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide: Weeds

Weed management in Florida citrus is an important component of any successful integrated pest management (IPM) program. IPM programs utilize a combination of control practices including, but not limited to, cultural, preventive, mechanical, chemical, or biological methods. Weed management is...
S.H. Futch
M. Singh
University of Florida, IFAS Extension

Plant Pest Control

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certification and Recertification Study Manual Pest identification and knowledge of pest control measures are necessary for the commercial applicator to apply and recommend economic pest treatment. This training manual provides you with information on insect...
H. Leroy Brooks
F. Robert Henderson
Dennis K. Kuhlman
Erick B. Nilson
Paul Ohlenbusch
Ned Tisserat
William G. Willis
Kansas State University Extension