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Cabelma S.A.

Nuestra empresa es pionera en el diseño de baldes y cajones de plásticos. Presente en el mercado desde 1952, hoy ocupa una clara posición de liderazgo en el provisión de contenedores para la industria.
Los cajones producidos por CABELMA para el transporte de botellas son utilizados por las principales marcas de la industria de bebidas, tanto de la Argentina como de países limítrofes. Nuestra política de constante capacitación, investigación y desarrollo nos permitió hacer un importante aporte con productos novedosos y funcionales.

Arévalo 3435 Gral. Pacheco
Buenos Aires B1617DQA
Phone: 1
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25 Jul 2014 - 7:54pm
Catalytic Generators LLC

Fruit ripening by ethylene application used to be a risky business. Bulky cylinders and awkward lecture tubes made the entire process difficult, unpredictable and sometimes dangerous, which is why we started Catalytic Generators, LLC. We knew there had to be a better way.

After extensive research and experimentation, our vision became a reality. In 1973, the Catalytic Generator and Ethy-Gen® Ripening Concentrate were patented, and suddenly fruit ripeners had a safe, easy method for applying ethylene.

Just like a piece of fruit maturing, our generator has changed over the years, inside and out. From the awkward 70’s years to the stainless steel 80’s model, all the way to the current svelte version, our generators are constantly changing and improving.

1185 Pineridge Road
Norfolk 23502
United States
Phone: +1.757.855.0191
Fax: +1.757.855.4155
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4 Mar 2016 - 2:27pm
CitroBio Fresh Food Wash

CitroBio Fresh Food Wash is made from citrus food extracts and other complex vitamin compounds. CitroBio Fresh Food Wash is 100% natural. With today’s disturbing facts about pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, waxes and pollutants on our produce, poultry, seafood and meats, Organic Fresh food wash can be an essential, effective way to a safer food preparation.
Food born illness is a very real problem. 5,000 people die each year, 500,000 people are hospitalized and there is over $40 billion in lost productivity. CitroBio Fresh Food Wash helps to stop food poisoning, helps prevent Salmonella, stops E.Coli and stops Listera.
CitroBio Fresh Food Wash is a proprietary non-metallic compound. Recommended application for home use includes using the product in a final rinse prior to food preparation and consumption. Use to clean countertops, safely clean cutting boards, utensils, etc. during all steps of food processing.
CitroBio all-natural products are liquid formulas of organic origin. The eliminating power is due to a synergetic action created by the reaction of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) with the natural organic acids. This gives our products their unique physical and biological properties.

7614 15th Street East
Sarasota , FL 34243
United States
Phone: 1.800.332.1647
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18 Jul 2012 - 3:34pm
Corporacion Litec SAC

Corporacion Litec es una empresa importadora y comercializadora de productos de alta tecnología que brindan soluciones y mayor productividad para la agricultura, ganadería, construcción, helicicultura y acuicultura.

Litec representa a las mejores marcas a nivel mundial como Polysack (Israel), Plastilene(Colombia), Amafibra (Brasil), Ing Carluccio y Asoc. S.R.L (Argentina), Grupo Giro (Espana).

Contamos con personal calificado que lo asesorará para que su elección sea la mejor.



  • Mallas: Raschel, Antiáfidos, Termo Reflectoras, Chromatinet roja.
  • Mallas para envasado de frutas y hortalizas.
  • Film agrícola, bandejas de germinación, sustrato profesional, rafia.
  • Atomizadores
  • Trituradoras de Poda
  • Rotocultivadores

Maquinas de fabricacion española con alta eficiencia en el uso del tomafuerza del tractor para los trabajos de aplicacion de agroquimicos  e incorporacion de materia organica en el suelo. Capacidades varias. Precios especiales.

Miguel Paucarpoma
Calle Aymaras, 189 - El Derby Santiago De Surco
Lima 33
Phone: +51 (1) 434-3365
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Bandejas de germinación
23 Aug 2011 - 9:37am
Curtec of Florida

The Curtec C3000 is the latest in a line of tower type precision chemical applicators with a history of continuously redefining the agricultural sprayer market.

The Proptec P400D is a new applicator developed specifically to control citrus greening and psyllids in a cost effective way.

Tree Sense is our aftermarket electronic eye systems and valve refit kit available for a variety of sprayers.

Custom Applications include pecan tree applicators using the Magnum Crossflow fan and horizontal boom applicators for vegetable crops and nursery trees. The posibilites are endless.

Parts Catalog has a list and image of all the replacement parts you may need for your C3000, P400D, and other legacy equipment.

P.O. Box
Vero Beach, FL 32969
United States
Phone: (772)778-0056
Fax: (772)778-2629
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curtec in action
super pump
29 Apr 2010 - 2:08pm
Cutter Asparagus Seed Company

The Cutter Asparagus Seed Company is a California based seed company producing, processing and marketing high quality asparagus seed throughout the world. Our seed is thoroughly tested each year to ensure that we sell only the highest quality product.

The Cutter Asparagus Seed Company is located in Arbuckle, California. We are fully licensed by the University of California to produce UC 157 F1 and Ida Lea F1 hybrid asparagus seed. We have also developed our own line of purple asparagus called Sweet Purple. Every year, our fields are inspected and certified by the California Crop Improvement Association (CCIA). All of our seed fields are located over 35 miles from the nearest asparagus spear production field. This gives us complete isolation from unknown asparagus pollen, allowing us to produce a very clean and pure hybrid asparagus seed. Stan and Nancy Cutter started Cutter Asparagus Seed in 1991 after realizing the great demand for high quality hybrid asparagus seed. Cutter Asparagus has a breeding program underway in search of newer, improved varieties to better meet the world demand for high quality asparagus. Our seed is currently marketed throughout the world on 6 of the 7 continents. (Antarctica, being a tough market to enter).

  • IDA LEA F1
  • UC 157 F1
  • DePaoli (UC 115)
  • Sweet Purple
Stan Cutter
516 Young Ave
Arbuckle, CA 95912
United States
Phone: +1 (530) 476 3647
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18 Apr 2010 - 4:27pm