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Johnnys Selected Seeds

Our product lines include vegetable seeds and plants; medicinal and culinary herb seeds and plants; flower seeds; cover crops, farm seed, and pasture mixes; fruit seeds and plants; and professional-grade, problem-solving tools and supplies.
Johnny's offers seed in volumes ranging from small to large to suit the needs of home gardeners and small growers as well as retailers and wholesalers.
We currently offer over 3000 items, of which approximately one-fifth are organic seeds and 350 products are approved for organic production.

Johnny's does not knowingly sell genetically modified seeds; nor do we breed new varieties using genetic engineering. Our breeders use traditional, painstaking methods of natural crossing to create hybrid seeds that are healthy and safe.
We maintain an on-site seed lab, and partner only with certified industry seed labs for both our initial, regular cycle germination tests as per Federal Seed Act requirements. Johnny's sets and maintains minimum germination requirements that consistently exceed Federal Seed Act minimum requirements.
Pathology tests are completed only at certified outside labs following industry standards.
All labs performing germination and purity tests on Johnny's seed lots follow current Association of Official Seed Analysts rules for all crops.
To ensure that our seed germination rates remain optimal, we store our seed in a climate-controlled environment.

Seed designated by the OG symbol is harvested from plants grown under the strict guidelines required by the USDA's National Organic Program (NOP), and more specifically the laws enacted by the Code of Federal Regulations. Organic certifying agencies are the vehicle for ensuring that farms/growers wishing to become and remain certified — including Johnny's Selected Seeds as a certified seed producer and handler — meet and follow these guidelines.

To be labeled as certified organic, seeds must have been grown, harvested, stored, and handled in accord with the rules and procedures outlined by the NOP. Certified organic seed cannot contain genetically-engineered traits; must be grown under certified organic conditions using only those inputs — eg, fertilizer, weed, and pest controls — allowable in organic agriculture; and packed in a certified facility.

We operate from three strategically located facilities in Fairfield, Winslow, and Albion, Maine.

Johnny's has been farming organically for over 40 years, and we have been a MOFGA Certified Organic Seed Handler since 1979. We offer hundreds of varieties of certified organic vegetable, herb, flower, fruit, and farm seed that is allowable for certified organic production, and remain true to our commitment to diversify our certified organic seed offerings.

955 Benton Avenue
United States
Phone: 1-207-238-5327
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