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National Organic Fertilizer

It is the fundamental truth of life: We ARE what we eat.
Our physical growth, our health, our immunity, our very survival depends on it.
Unfortunately, we have already poisoned the very well of life we drink from (our environment), with excessive use of toxic chemical products.
And today, as we stand face to face with dangerous levels of environmental degradation and ecocidal repercussions, there is a critical need to reverse this vicious cycle.
We must begin with the Soil – the basic platform of all human food sources on land. (Concurrently, we need to purify the other food source platform – the Sea – too, by regulating effluent infusions into it).
A well-nurtured, healthy Soil enables environment-friendly, healthy agriculture, sustainable across future centuries. It ensures the safety and good health of human generations that live off it.
In this expedient battle to regain the purity of our Soil, Organic Fertilizers and high-quality Bio Fertilizers play momentous roles.
The NOF Group of Companies (National Organic Fertilizer & Narmada Bio-Chem Pvt Ltd) is a quality-driven corporate entity that stands out in this field, by their futuristic eco-consciousness and relentless defence of the environment.
What is more, the NOF Group also prides itself in playing the role a friend, philosopher and benefactor of the farmer – especially relevant in a traditionally agrarian nation such as India. Through enabling high quality farming fields sustainable across years, the Group seeks to realize its corporate axiom–
"Healthy Soil Makes A Farmer Wealthy".
Our Product Ranges are as follows:

  1. Bio Gold - Organic Soil Conditioner (Granulated)
  2. Crowin - (Magnesium Sulphate)
  3. Shree Narmada - Organic Soil Conditioner  (Powder)
  4. Narmada Biozyme - Organic Growth Promoter (Granulated)
  5. Power Gold - Organic Soil conditioner (Ca : Mg: S )


1008/1010, 10th Floor, Akik Complex, Opp. Rajpath Club, S.G.Road, Bodakdev,
Ahmedabad, GJ 380 054
Phone: 0091 79 26871072
Fax: 0091 79 26871073
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23 Jul 2014 - 8:18pm

Grow more with less

Soluciones Inteligentes en Manejo de Agua para un Futuro Sustentable


  • Riego por goteo
  • Aspersores y micro aspersores
  • Productos complementarios
Los Diamantes 335 Urb. Santa Inés
Trujillo, LD
Phone: +51 (44) 206204
Fax: +51 (44) 255 997
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5 Apr 2011 - 8:52pm
New Horizons Rep

Somos profesionistas en varias areas, que comercializamos productos y servicios distintos a fin de ofrecer una mejor opcion en servicio y calidad a nuestros clientes

Nuestros principales productos son la Dolomita y Barita

*La dolomita es un mineral calcáreo compuesto de un carbonato doble de calcio y magnesio. Su color varia del blanco al gris pasando por ligeros tonos de amarillo en algunos casos Es una cal agrícola destinada a corregir la acidez en suelos, también es un fertilizante simple por su alto contenido de magnesio.

La Dolomita eleva el pH del suelo, también favorece la actividad microbiológica de igual manera suministra calcio y magnesio los cuales incrementa la disponibilidad de fósforo, nitrógeno y potasio, neutraliza el efecto toxico del aluminio, hierro y manganeso, mejora la estructura del suelo acelerando la descomposición de materia orgánica, optimiza el crecimiento de las raíces incrementando el rendimiento y calidad de las cosechas.

En la agricultura
El magnesio en la dolomita es el causante del desarrollo y crecimiento de raíces, además de la correcta producción de clorofila, que es la encargada de darle el color verde a las plantas y por lo general es deficiente en suelos ácidos, El Magnesio está directamente relacionado con el nivel de pH, y además es el nutriente que más sistemas enzimáticos activa lo cual es vital para el proceso de fotosíntesis y muy importante en el llenado de granos y frutos.

La Dolomita está dirigida principalmente a los agricultores que quieren corregir suelos ácidos, dirigida a cultivos de PAPA, PALMA DE ACEITE, CAÑA, CAFÉ, CACAO, FRUTAS, FLORES, CAUCHO Y PASTOS, además de ser usada como materia prima de los laboratorios que procesan fertilizantes

Contamos con diferentes presentaciones y opciones de dolomita acorde a sus necesidades, así como de Barita (BaSO4), para mayor información contactar directamente

Alfredo Valadez Arrambide
Alfredo Valadez Arrambide
.Real de Catorce 206
Monterrey, NLE 64460
Phone: 018111972961
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Es un carbonato doble de calcio y magnesio con formula Ca.Mg(CO3)2
12 Jan 2016 - 1:16pm
Nourse Farms

At Nourse Farms, we don't just sell berry plants, we care about success of every customer. Our customer service second to none. We have a specialized staff with in-depth industry and product knowledge, an we strive to educate our customers as well. Whether it’s asked via email, letter, or a phone call, we take the time to answer any questions that our gardeners have.

The vast selection of plants we sell also sets us apart. We take great pride in growing and offering a broad range of varieties. Our goal is to accommodate gardening needs across the country. We are continually testing and adding new varieties to our offerings.
Why Dormant Bare Root Plants?

We sell dormant bare root plants (sleeping plant with no soil around the roots) because years of experience have shown us that they will establish readily in your garden. Upon first glance, you would wonder how these roots can prosper for you, but they will perform very well.

We pack the bare roots in moist paper, place them in plastic bags to conserve moisture (except asparagus & horseradish) and store them in boxes in our state of the art coolers at 28° until they are shipped to you. We schedule our shipments to customers so that plants are received by Friday of each week, and plants aren’t left sitting on trucks over a weekend.

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  • asparagus roots
  • blackberry Plants
  • blueberry plants
  • currant plants
  • elderberry plants
  • gooseberry plants
  • horseradish roots
  • pineberry collection
  • raspberry plants
  • rhubarb crowns
  • strawberry plants
  • berry collections
  • grower accessories
41 River Road
Whately, MA 01093
United States
Phone: 413.665.2658
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10 Oct 2015 - 11:14am
Nutrifaster Inc & Juice Tree Co.

Nutrifaster Commercial Juice Extractors are the highest quality juicers manufactured in the world today. The Nutrifaster line is ideal for Juice Bars, Health Clubs, Spas, Restaurants and Home use -- any place where fresh juice is in demand.
Nutrifaster ® products are engineered for heavy duty commercial use and will provide a life-time of high performance, efficient and reliable service.
Nutrifaster Inc is a family owned & operated business that is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles by manufacturing juicers that provide fresh, pure and natural nutrition. The family has been manufacturing commercial juicers in the Seattle, Washington area since 1994, which includes supporting a variety of juicers that have been on the market for approximately 40 years.
Nutrifaster ® has constantly improved their line of products with health and safety features that meet or exceed industry standards. The Nutrifaster juicer is one of the top commercial juicers manufactured in the world today, meeting UL, NSF, CE and CSA standards.

209 S. Bennett Street
Seattle, WA 98108
United States
Phone: 206-767-5054
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4 Mar 2016 - 11:22am

NUTRITERRA es una empresa argentina que brinda a sus clientes un servicio integral, desde el asesoramiento técnico en materia de nutrición vegetal hasta la formulación, preparación y entrega de mezclas líquidas de fertilizantes, logrando cubrir las más exigentes necesidades del agricultor.

Nuestra misión es encontrar caminos para poder llevar a cabo una agricultura sostenible, capaz de producir lo necesario para asegurar la producción de alimentos y la rentabilidad de los cultivos, teniendo especial cuidado en la preservación del medio ambiente.


  • Fertilizantes Líquidos
  • Bioestimulantes
  • Fertilizantes Foliares
  • Enmiendas Orgánicas
  • Aminoácidos
  • Correctores Salinos
  • Correctores Químicos
Calle Bonduel s/n - Lote Nº 11 Parque Industrial de Chimbas
San Juan 5413
Phone: +54 (264) 426-1810
Fax: +54 (264) 426-1897
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15 Oct 2010 - 10:44am