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US Small Farm Equipment Company

Manufacturer and Seller of Potato Planters, Diggers, and Custom Farm Equipment.
Our planter hitch is built so that when planting with the one-row planter, the single row unit can be mounted off center to allow the same row spacing as a two-row planter without using a second row unit. This is an economical solution when only a small acreage of potatoes is grown and the expense of the second row unit is hard to justify. The standard two-row planter uses two one-row planting unit assemblies, complete with tires.

The potato diggers are made to dig one row of potatoes or other root crop. The machines can be pulled on the centerline of the tractor or offset as when straddling two rows and digging one. The standard diggers return the produce onto the dug soil after shaking the bulk of the soil through the chain. The soil type and produce size dictate what pitch of chain is needed. The hydraulic drive allows better matching of chain speed with digging conditions.

This tabletop seed cutter is small enough for easy set up, use, and storage. The one hand operation allows the worker to pick up potatoes with one hand and operate the lever with the other hand. It is simply clamped to a table or bench to keep it in place. The cut seed can be caught in a small container, then dumped into a larger container or a deflector can be attached to the cutter to direct the seed to a bag, box or bucket placed alongside the table.

The disc-type hiller gently moves soil up to and under the potato vines to make the hill larger. They assist in weed control by burying small weeds inaccessible to cultivators. Earlier emergence is possible because the seed pieces can be planted shallower and then hilled up. This reduces the incidence of greening of the tubers.

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